The Polytechnic Library

Federal Polytechnic Library, Ugep was established primarily to serve the information needs of the Polytechnic in achieving its mission of deploying technology for development; with skillset for excellence and self-reliance in technological and professional competencies through external linkages, teaching, learning, research and community services. The Polytechnic Library will be located centrally in the main campus of the Polytechnic. Upon completion, the library’s building will offer a welcoming and stimulating environment for learning and research thereby providing an accessible user- friendly environment for effective information service delivery.

Specifically, FEPU Library is poised to galvanise intellectual curiousity and by so doing promote habits of reading, learning and private study. It is thus apposite that every student and researcher seeks to be acquainted with the collection and services of the Federal Polytechnic, Ugep Library. For students to study and become successful learners in any problem-solving environment, it is critical that they acquire high level of skills and abilities to recognize the need for information; distinguish ways that information gaps can be addressed; construct strategies to locate and retrieve information from the print and electronic resources which will be available in the  library.

FEPU Library will be an integrated system of network of the central library comprising mini-libraries in the annex campuses. The Polytechnic library will host elaborate resources in conservation and preservation which would repair, bind and reproduce needed information materials. FEPU Library will house a unique innovation of an information literacy workshop which will offer a platform for multi-disciplinary and collaborative multi-media e-learning.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Polytechnic Library is to be a sought after technologically driven library in Nigeria. Following therefrom, the mission is to deploy information management strategies that will result in the production of graduates sufficiently empowered to utilize Technology for development and excellence.

Open Hours

The Library will be open to all registered readers as indicated below:

a) Monday‑Friday ‑ 9.00 am ‑ 8.00 pm
b) Saturdays ‑ 9.00 am ‑ 8.00 pm
d) During Holidays ‑ 9.00 am. ‑ 4.00 pm
e) The Library will close for all official public holidays.


a) All students admitted into the Polytechnic are eligible to register and use the Library.
b) Staff and members of the Polytechnic Community.
c) External users may be allowed to use the Library under inter-library cooperation.